The boy in the mirror 

….is me ! or better….was me !

If people asked me yesterday : “Dear Mr.Vokspoopoelie, what did you do today” , I would have answered “I watched some boys from behind a mirror “and I would have seen them thinking ” Well you little pervert”. But if they continued and asked me ” Dear Mr.Vokspoopoelie, what did you do after you …euh…watched some boys from behind a mirror ? ” i would have answered them ” I watched some men from behind a mirror” and I would have seen them thinking ” Well you even more then ever little pervert”. But I wouldn’t have  told them any lies so for them it would be “honest little pervert”.

“But why Mr.Pervertpoelie, why did you watch those innocent boys and men ?”
“No need to worry sir or madam…I payed them to look at them ! ”
“Aaaarrgghhh you are such a sick and horrible person Mr Pervertpoelie”
“But why my dearest sir or madam…i am just doing my job ! Is it wrong to do your job ? ”
“You say your job is watching innocent boys and men from behind a mirror ?”
“I wouldn’t say they are that innocent…and i wouldn’t say this is what I do all the time …but it is what i did yesterday…for my job”
“Then please tell me what you do because i am afraid I am thinking the most horrible things and knowing you i know my thoughts can’t be true”
“Well, if you didn’t have called me Mr. Pervertpoelie…I would have told you …but since you did call me Mr.Pervertpoelie….you can clop on your chin !”

And when I came home late at night after doing what I had to do, I opened the little present (or gift) I bought myself earlier that day; put on my pyjamas ( yeah sure) and welcomed my brand new “Spiegeljongen” !