Dp you know the feeling ? The start of a new fresh week ! You get up very early -TRUE- and let the sunshine into your livingroom – NOT- . On the streets, everything is calm and no traffic jam -NOT- and when you arrive at work you just ,first of all, want your cup of coffee – TRUE- and as always there is a lot of cups you can choose between -NOT-. So with your nice hot cup of coffee -NOT- you sit down at your desk and discover your mailbox doesn’t mention “your mailbox is over it’s size limit” -NOT – Your planning doesn’t include a fire alarm at 10.00 am -TRUE- so everything is fine -NOT- except for the fire alarm at 10.00 am. No need to worry because of the warm sunshine at morning -NOT- you did not bring your jacket with you – TRUE- so freezing cold is a word you don’t know these days -NOT-

At noon the rice and chicken curry is absolutely delicious -NOT- and when all your colleagues go out for a smoke in the afternoon -TRUE- you are so happy you just quit smoking -TRUE- and you don’t miss it al all -NOT- Since you are heaving such a wonderful day at work -NOT- time flies at the speed of light -NOT- . But luckily when you come home, the boyfriend is awaiting you -NOT- . Out of the refrigerator you take a heavenly meal -NOT- such as 2 carrots -TRUE- , 1 yoghurt – TRUE- and 3 ricecookies (i’ll give it a try) -TRUE- After this gigantic meal you just sit down and relax in your sofa -TRUE- and already knows what you will be looking at on tv -NOT- because especially for you all the tv-programs you want to see are scheduled on totally different moments -NOT-  So you have to choose between In Godsnaam on één (must see because of the talkability) , De Flandrien on Canvas (must see because this is top tv) , All you need is love on vtm (tearjerkers always work on monday) and M!LF on 2BE (because that’s the one I work for). Since you are a digital viewer you might have watched at least 2 , one in real time and one recorded but than you realize you lost the time out of the eye ( again..i’ll give it a try) and so you missed all of them because you were blogging -TRUE-
So all you do hope for the rest of the evening is that at least one person reads this post – TRUE- so you don’t have the feeling you wasted your time and so you can end this day in a hot warm bad -TRUE- and a glass of your brand new -TRUE- unopened -NOT- Absolut Raspberri -TRUE.