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    Beachable 2011 : Update 

    Well hello again. Long time no see. Somewhere I knew that one day I would say this. But to be honest ..I never thought I would say it this soon. But can I change the past ? No ! So …long time no see .

    If it would have been because I had no time because of me working out. I would not be ashamed. But those who know me better, well…they do know me better. I can admit…my absence was not due to me working out. Still some good news…I didn’t give up so far, things are just going a little bit slower than expected. What an idea of beginning my project Beachable2011 in summertime. But like I said before, I didn’t give up.

    Since my last post – and that was more than a week ago – I went to the gym at noon a few times more…to be honest …2 times more. So it was 3 out of 3. Unfortunately the final result is 3 out of 7. And until today, I have not renewed it. Maybe later :). Of course there were plenty of -good- reasons why this project slows down a little bit. First of all, last friday, we had the annual company party. And if you know I work for the biggest commercial television company of the country, you know such parties are just to good not to be drunk and stay until the lights went on again. And if you know that there was fee booze (champagne, beers and ….mojito’s) we all agree no more words have to be said.

    Oh but no problem..there is always the day after to do what you couldn’t do the day before – working out I mean- . Well, I don’t totally agree. Of course there was the day after – or should  I say a few hours after the big party – and instead of walking in into the gym, I walked in into a small pub somewhere in Holland. Since Belgium failed to qualify for the World Cup in South Africa, I do support Oranje. What I do remember ? It was all oranje, i had to much beer, Holland won the game , I forgot my jacket , I didn’t work out. In a nutshell but you know…not good…NOT GOOD !

    But this time, I didn’t let the hangover win the game. I might have lost a battle, I am most certainly gonna win the war. So on sunday – of all days- i was running,cycling and working the abs, all this while watching Paraguay defeating Slovakia. So back on track !

    Not so fast Mr.Vokspoopoelie. We are …euh Thursday now ? So what did you do between sunday 3 pm and thursday 10 pm.? Yes i worked out this morning -thank you very much- . But believe me…live isn’t making me it very easy. Monday we directed the newest commercial of the television station I work for, and since we had to create the illusion of a party at night…well, we just organised the party at night. And findig a gym at 02 AM in the morning…not easy. On tuesday, my boyfriend finished his last exams at university. So how cruel i would be not to be with him in the evening …I would be very very very very cruel…so…no gym. On wednesday…oh yes, the boyfriend story again. We went to the restaurant enjoyed our very special occassions-menu…spareribs.  And that brings us to today…and I must admit…I have no valuable excuse. I was just lazy and watched Holland defeating Cameroon on the World Cup.

    But…and it isn’t all that bad…I still do eat Muesli and cereals in the morning and some fruit smoothies…And because of the title of the project…I still have time.

    Please don’t stop believing in me !

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    #Beachable2011 : day 2 

    Day 2 : The good news, yes there is a day 2 in this fantastic project #beachable2011. I did not give up, at least, not today. And to be quit honest, I think it has been a rather succesfull day. This morning, I set my alarm a little bit earlier than I use to do. Not because I wanted to see the early sunrise or hear the twittering of the birds, no, I got up early because I wanted to work out a bit. I have read, and heard, that working out when your body is still in sleeping modus, helps you to burn fat just a little bit more easy. So 30 push ups, 2 sets of 50 side crunches and 50 sit ups later…my body woke up.

    Because tuesday morning I work at home, i had to make my own breakfast instead of buying a sandwich at the office. On the menu…a grapefruit smoothie with low fat yoghurt (do I hear some applause ? ). Just enough to give me enough energy…I thought.

    Another “new thing” in my “new life” is working out at noon. At this moment I am the proud owner of a free-week-gym-trial-membership-card. So I can go to the gym, for one week, totally free, personal trainer included…I say wow ! A good start , if I say so myself….NOT !! if says so my personal trainer. Please follow the conversation earlier today

    HE : you worked out yesterday ?

    ME : yes I ran.

    HE : How long ?

    ME : 32 mins at 6km/hour

    HE : 6km/hour ? Sir, that is not running, that is walking !

    ME : sigh

    HE : you had breakfast this morning ?

    ME : proud yes I had a home made grapefruit smoothie with low fat yoghurt

    HE : I hear no cereals, no bread, no fresh orange juice

    ME : I hear blablabla

    HE : You ate something at noon before we begin training

    ME : no, I read you work out best when your stomach is empty

    HE : I hear no sugars, no engine for the motor inside your body …

    ME : I hear blablabla

    HE : Well, let’s give it a try. We’ll do the Treadmill running, the recumbent stationary bike and some arm styling

    ME : piece of cake

    So that’s what i did at noon. For the records I mention the results :

    Treadmill running : 20mins – 2,29km – 132kcal – avg bpm 142

    Recumbent Stat. Bike : 15mins – 3km-99kcal-avg bpm 135

    Arm cycling : 10 mins- ???km – 69kcal-avg bpm 145

    Because i do forget my results almost immediately, i downloaded the gymgoal app in the AppStore today (thank you @Kennethdee for the tip on Twitter). So as from tomorrow on i’ll be a hip and trendy work-outer 😉

    To end this post , and so you dear followers who also started to follow my #beachable2011 program to become beachable themselves, this was the menu for the rest of the day

    Noon : sandwich with plattekaas and radijsjes J + fresh fruit (melon)

    4pm : sandwich with ham and cheese ( i know …wrong !!!)

    evening :because of the game #BRA vs #PRK on #WC2010 i made myself some Korean Mihoen with some delicious brazilian chicken.

    I have a good feeling about tomorrow will be a another succesfull day and as always…youl’ll be the first to hear about it !

    • Arnod 7:46 am op 16 juni, 2010 Permalink | Beantwoorden

      Take it easy, Piejie.
      Niet overdrijven met radijs en tweemaal daags sport.
      Just no junkfood, a good amount of fitness and maybe some running…
      And if you wanna work out together some time, just let me know 🙂

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    #Beachable2011 : Day 1 

    Day 1. Well , I know it doesn’t matter  to know how much I weigh, because that doesn’t says it all. But unfortunately I do know that my weight is not the amount of muscles I have but in my case…the amount of fat. So it is important to know my fat percentage to see if I do burn fat , yes or no. Well, especially for #Beachable2011 I weighed myself for the first time in more than 2 years and believe me …that wasn’t a happy happy joy joy feeling..i thought i weighed  about 76 kilo’s but that’s not what  my balance told me today. I start my new project at 81,1 kilo. If you know that I measure176cm a blind man can tell that’s not good. But…my balance also can measure the fat percentage and that really blew me away. I am still not sure if it was displayed correctly but it showed……28% !!!The really really really bad news…i have a fat percentage of 28%. The “good “ news, there is a lot of fat that can be burned !

    So time to take action. After eating a huge pizza at noon and being forced to eat a piece of home-made-colleague-birthday-made-chocolate-cake  (I did tell you a diet isn’t my cup of tea) I went to the gym this evening for 30 minutes of just abs (make that 27 mins) and 32 minutes of running. A colleague of me told me earlier today that if i want to burn fat, it have to train on a very low intensity, meaning 65% of my maximum heartbeat. So, that would be between 120 bpm and 140  bpm. Piece of cake I thought,but only stepping up to the “running-band”(if the word exists) and my heartbeat was already up to 158 bpm. So easy boy I said to myself. Well, after 32 minutes of running –and walking- i had an average bpm of 148 bpm , an average speed of 6 km/hour , and burned only 132 kcal. So, the ridiculous scene of me ,being all sweaty from head to toe,walking , surrounded by those hunks I mentioned earlier , running at 12 km /hour and a heartbeat of 119 bpm and not sweaty at all…i do believe i can make people laugh.

    I already considered to give up today. But especially for you, my fans, i’ll go on…And if you will excuse me now, I have to make myself a fresh raspberry smoothie as dinner.

    C ya all tomorrow !!

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    Introducing : #Beachable2011 

    Beachable2011 (on Twitter to follow with the hashtag #Beachable2011) is my new project . Me, a humble modest 33 year young boy wants to become beachable again. I think a lot of you, my dear readers, know the feeling. Laying on the beach, but with your t-shirt on because of the “titi’s” you want to hide, the speedo you wear a few years – or decades – ago has been replaced by loose shorts with a waistband that plays hide ’n seek with the belly that grew where once were those beautiful abs. And to make you even more ashamed about yourself, you are surrounded by little goddess hunks , who do wear speedos, and with sixpacks- or eightpacks for  the real new generation – that hurts just looking at them.

    It is not that i am unhappy , most certainly not. But yes, I think just loosing some weight and having a more adorable body will make me a little be more happy so that’s my goal voor Beachable2011.

    Ànd believe me…it won’t be easy because there is one thing i really can’t do….a diet ! Because enjoying life makes me happy also. I am Belgian, so i live in the country of beer and french fries…do i need to say more. So yes, i will take care al little bit more of what and when I eat but don’t expect me ordering a water instead of a nice fresh Duvel when sitting with my friends somewhere on a terrace in the beautiful city of Ghent. Don’t expect me only eating some lettuce of vegetable on a bbq while others enjoying some roasted chicken , bacon , …

    So, what i will do to make a little dream come true, I can’t say because I don’t know how it will turn out. But I do have a goal…i want to become beachable in 2011 ! And you will be first to hear if and how i succeed …or fail.

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