Beachable 2011 : Update

Well hello again. Long time no see. Somewhere I knew that one day I would say this. But to be honest ..I never thought I would say it this soon. But can I change the past ? No ! So …long time no see .

If it would have been because I had no time because of me working out. I would not be ashamed. But those who know me better, well…they do know me better. I can admit…my absence was not due to me working out. Still some good news…I didn’t give up so far, things are just going a little bit slower than expected. What an idea of beginning my project Beachable2011 in summertime. But like I said before, I didn’t give up.

Since my last post – and that was more than a week ago – I went to the gym at noon a few times more…to be honest …2 times more. So it was 3 out of 3. Unfortunately the final result is 3 out of 7. And until today, I have not renewed it. Maybe later :). Of course there were plenty of -good- reasons why this project slows down a little bit. First of all, last friday, we had the annual company party. And if you know I work for the biggest commercial television company of the country, you know such parties are just to good not to be drunk and stay until the lights went on again. And if you know that there was fee booze (champagne, beers and ….mojito’s) we all agree no more words have to be said.

Oh but no problem..there is always the day after to do what you couldn’t do the day before – working out I mean- . Well, I don’t totally agree. Of course there was the day after – or should  I say a few hours after the big party – and instead of walking in into the gym, I walked in into a small pub somewhere in Holland. Since Belgium failed to qualify for the World Cup in South Africa, I do support Oranje. What I do remember ? It was all oranje, i had to much beer, Holland won the game , I forgot my jacket , I didn’t work out. In a nutshell but you know…not good…NOT GOOD !

But this time, I didn’t let the hangover win the game. I might have lost a battle, I am most certainly gonna win the war. So on sunday – of all days- i was running,cycling and working the abs, all this while watching Paraguay defeating Slovakia. So back on track !

Not so fast Mr.Vokspoopoelie. We are …euh Thursday now ? So what did you do between sunday 3 pm and thursday 10 pm.? Yes i worked out this morning -thank you very much- . But believe me…live isn’t making me it very easy. Monday we directed the newest commercial of the television station I work for, and since we had to create the illusion of a party at night…well, we just organised the party at night. And findig a gym at 02 AM in the morning…not easy. On tuesday, my boyfriend finished his last exams at university. So how cruel i would be not to be with him in the evening …I would be very very very very cruel…so…no gym. On wednesday…oh yes, the boyfriend story again. We went to the restaurant enjoyed our very special occassions-menu…spareribs.  And that brings us to today…and I must admit…I have no valuable excuse. I was just lazy and watched Holland defeating Cameroon on the World Cup.

But…and it isn’t all that bad…I still do eat Muesli and cereals in the morning and some fruit smoothies…And because of the title of the project…I still have time.

Please don’t stop believing in me !