#Beachable2011 : day 2

Day 2 : The good news, yes there is a day 2 in this fantastic project #beachable2011. I did not give up, at least, not today. And to be quit honest, I think it has been a rather succesfull day. This morning, I set my alarm a little bit earlier than I use to do. Not because I wanted to see the early sunrise or hear the twittering of the birds, no, I got up early because I wanted to work out a bit. I have read, and heard, that working out when your body is still in sleeping modus, helps you to burn fat just a little bit more easy. So 30 push ups, 2 sets of 50 side crunches and 50 sit ups later…my body woke up.

Because tuesday morning I work at home, i had to make my own breakfast instead of buying a sandwich at the office. On the menu…a grapefruit smoothie with low fat yoghurt (do I hear some applause ? ). Just enough to give me enough energy…I thought.

Another “new thing” in my “new life” is working out at noon. At this moment I am the proud owner of a free-week-gym-trial-membership-card. So I can go to the gym, for one week, totally free, personal trainer included…I say wow ! A good start , if I say so myself….NOT !! if says so my personal trainer. Please follow the conversation earlier today

HE : you worked out yesterday ?

ME : yes I ran.

HE : How long ?

ME : 32 mins at 6km/hour

HE : 6km/hour ? Sir, that is not running, that is walking !

ME : sigh

HE : you had breakfast this morning ?

ME : proud yes I had a home made grapefruit smoothie with low fat yoghurt

HE : I hear no cereals, no bread, no fresh orange juice

ME : I hear blablabla

HE : You ate something at noon before we begin training

ME : no, I read you work out best when your stomach is empty

HE : I hear no sugars, no engine for the motor inside your body …

ME : I hear blablabla

HE : Well, let’s give it a try. We’ll do the Treadmill running, the recumbent stationary bike and some arm styling

ME : piece of cake

So that’s what i did at noon. For the records I mention the results :

Treadmill running : 20mins – 2,29km – 132kcal – avg bpm 142

Recumbent Stat. Bike : 15mins – 3km-99kcal-avg bpm 135

Arm cycling : 10 mins- ???km – 69kcal-avg bpm 145

Because i do forget my results almost immediately, i downloaded the gymgoal app in the AppStore today (thank you @Kennethdee for the tip on Twitter). So as from tomorrow on i’ll be a hip and trendy work-outer 😉

To end this post , and so you dear followers who also started to follow my #beachable2011 program to become beachable themselves, this was the menu for the rest of the day

Noon : sandwich with plattekaas and radijsjes J + fresh fruit (melon)

4pm : sandwich with ham and cheese ( i know …wrong !!!)

evening :because of the game #BRA vs #PRK on #WC2010 i made myself some Korean Mihoen with some delicious brazilian chicken.

I have a good feeling about tomorrow will be a another succesfull day and as always…youl’ll be the first to hear about it !