Introducing : #Beachable2011

Beachable2011 (on Twitter to follow with the hashtag #Beachable2011) is my new project . Me, a humble modest 33 year young boy wants to become beachable again. I think a lot of you, my dear readers, know the feeling. Laying on the beach, but with your t-shirt on because of the “titi’s” you want to hide, the speedo you wear a few years – or decades – ago has been replaced by loose shorts with a waistband that plays hide ’n seek with the belly that grew where once were those beautiful abs. And to make you even more ashamed about yourself, you are surrounded by little goddess hunks , who do wear speedos, and with sixpacks- or eightpacks for  the real new generation – that hurts just looking at them.

It is not that i am unhappy , most certainly not. But yes, I think just loosing some weight and having a more adorable body will make me a little be more happy so that’s my goal voor Beachable2011.

Ànd believe me…it won’t be easy because there is one thing i really can’t do….a diet ! Because enjoying life makes me happy also. I am Belgian, so i live in the country of beer and french fries…do i need to say more. So yes, i will take care al little bit more of what and when I eat but don’t expect me ordering a water instead of a nice fresh Duvel when sitting with my friends somewhere on a terrace in the beautiful city of Ghent. Don’t expect me only eating some lettuce of vegetable on a bbq while others enjoying some roasted chicken , bacon , …

So, what i will do to make a little dream come true, I can’t say because I don’t know how it will turn out. But I do have a goal…i want to become beachable in 2011 ! And you will be first to hear if and how i succeed …or fail.