#Beachable2011 : Day 1

Day 1. Well , I know it doesn’t matter  to know how much I weigh, because that doesn’t says it all. But unfortunately I do know that my weight is not the amount of muscles I have but in my case…the amount of fat. So it is important to know my fat percentage to see if I do burn fat , yes or no. Well, especially for #Beachable2011 I weighed myself for the first time in more than 2 years and believe me …that wasn’t a happy happy joy joy feeling..i thought i weighed  about 76 kilo’s but that’s not what  my balance told me today. I start my new project at 81,1 kilo. If you know that I measure176cm a blind man can tell that’s not good. But…my balance also can measure the fat percentage and that really blew me away. I am still not sure if it was displayed correctly but it showed……28% !!!The really really really bad news…i have a fat percentage of 28%. The “good “ news, there is a lot of fat that can be burned !

So time to take action. After eating a huge pizza at noon and being forced to eat a piece of home-made-colleague-birthday-made-chocolate-cake  (I did tell you a diet isn’t my cup of tea) I went to the gym this evening for 30 minutes of just abs (make that 27 mins) and 32 minutes of running. A colleague of me told me earlier today that if i want to burn fat, it have to train on a very low intensity, meaning 65% of my maximum heartbeat. So, that would be between 120 bpm and 140  bpm. Piece of cake I thought,but only stepping up to the “running-band”(if the word exists) and my heartbeat was already up to 158 bpm. So easy boy I said to myself. Well, after 32 minutes of running –and walking- i had an average bpm of 148 bpm , an average speed of 6 km/hour , and burned only 132 kcal. So, the ridiculous scene of me ,being all sweaty from head to toe,walking , surrounded by those hunks I mentioned earlier , running at 12 km /hour and a heartbeat of 119 bpm and not sweaty at all…i do believe i can make people laugh.

I already considered to give up today. But especially for you, my fans, i’ll go on…And if you will excuse me now, I have to make myself a fresh raspberry smoothie as dinner.

C ya all tomorrow !!